Master Programs

The Master programs at Scandinavian School of Theology prepare the student for Ministry in Church and Missions.

Master of Divinity

The basic professional degree for ministry as pastor, evangelist, chaplain, missionary and minister.

Master of Arts in Practical Theology

The basic professional degree for ministry in the local church.

Bachelor of Arts New Testament Major

A broad theological degree, which includes a strong foundation in the Bible, study of church history, and systematic theology.

Pastoral Ministry Minor

An introduction to fundamental areas of pastoral work.

Old Testament Minor

The content of the Old Testament, and also Biblical Hebrew.

Missions Minor

Basic training for successful missionary work.

Jewish Studies Minor

The Jewish roots of the New Testament, Judaism historically and the Modern Israel.

Diploma Programs

Diploma Programs provide training for Christian ministry. Students are expected to grow both in knowledge of theology and in faith.

Diploma in Theology

An overview of biblical studies, church history and Christian doctrine.

Diploma in Pastoral Ministry

A foundation in Bible, Church History, doctrine and practical theological subjects.

Diploma i Jewish Studies

A focus on Israel and Judaism from theological and historical perspectives.