Pavel Hoffman has been an instructor and administrator of Livets Ord Theological Seminary since 2003.

He had been born to a nominal Catholic family during the time of communism in the former Czechoslovakia before he decided to pursue the Christian way of life and eventually to become a Protestant theologian after the Velvet Revolution. His educational goals brought him to different countries and enabled him to become sensitive to different cultural environments.

After being among the very first students at Livets Ord Theological Seminary in Sweden in 1994, where he graduated with Bachelor of Arts in New Testament, he joined the Graduate Theological Seminary at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, USA where he completed a joint master’s degree in Master of Arts in Theological-Historical Studies and Master of Divinity. For his academic achievement, he received the prize Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. He is currently pursuing the doctoral degree through the University of South Africa. The research elaborates on the relationship of Christianity and the surrounding culture.

He has been active in both the theological research and church ministry. Before coming to Sweden, Pavel Hoffman has been a director of a Pentecostal-charismatic Bible school in Brno, Czech Republic. Currently he serves as the supervisor and translator of the Czech Bible translation called “Bible kralická revidovaná“ (BKR). Theologically, he has been involved with the Society of Pentecostal Studies and Association of Evangelical Theologians. His area of expertize involves systematic theology, ethics, and apologetics.

Married to Lucie in 2003, they have four children and reside in Uppsala, Sweden.

Some of His Publications:

  • Nová Bible kralická – Nový zákon.Praha: Biblion, 1998.
  • The Ontological and Functional Work of the Holy Spirit. Tulsa: Oral Roberts University, 2001.
  • Collected Lectures from VBŠ.. Audiobook. Brno: Word of Life, 2003.
  • Collected Lectures from Didaché.. Audiobook. Brno: Word of Life, 2003.
  • The Pursuit of Common Base among the Catholics, Lutherans, and Evangelicals for Inter-Cultural European Dialogue.. 6th ET Conference, Leuven, 2007.
  • The Three-Fold Way of Affecting the Process of Globalization: The Role of Tradition, Scripture, and Experience in the Dialog with the European Community.. International conference Globalization and the survival of (wo)man, Celje, 2008.
  • The Gospel of John. Bible kralická revidovaná.. Nadace pro Novou Bibli kralickou, 2012.

Pavel Hoffman

Pavel Hoffman

Instructor in: Systematic theology, ethics, apologetics


  • Instructor in Systematic Theology and Ethics
  • Administrator of internet courses and assistant to the Dean
  • Bachelor of Arts in New Testament
  • Master of Arts in Theological-Historical Studies
  • Master of Divinity
  • Th.D. Candidate (University of South Africa)