Geology: A creationist perspective on the origin of the rocks

Globally, modern geological ideas have permeated all areas of life including industry, tourism, museum displays, education, and nature documentaries. They begin with an assumption about the nature of Earth history, namely that Noah’s Flood never happened. These ideas have undermined confidence in the Bible and affected our culture. Alternatively, we can assume instead that the Flood occurred as the Bible describes.

Thus, we can develop a simple, powerful geological model to interpret the rocks in the field. Such an approach elegantly explains the geologic evidence. It changes the way we look at the world and our place in it.

About the speaker

Dr Tasman Walker holds a B.Sc. (Earth Science with first class honours), a B.Eng. (Mechanical, hons) and a doctorate in mechanical engineering, all from the University of Queensland. Dr Walker has been involved in the planning, design, and operation of power stations for over 20 years with the electricity industry in Queensland, Australia. He has conducted geological assessments of new fuel supplies for power stations across Queensland and has been involved with new mining proposals, including the effects of geological factors on the cost, reliability and quality of the coal produced.

Dr Walker has also been involved in the planning of a large hydro-electric development which required evaluation of geological conditions and their effect on dams, water reservoirs, and underground power station structures.

Using his varied experience, Dr Walker has developed a biblical geological model to connect geological structures in the field with biblical history. He has applied this geological model to many areas of the earth, including the Great Artesian Basin in Australia, the basement rocks of Brisbane, Queensland, and the Banks Peninsula in New Zealand. He and other creationist geologists are now applying the model to other areas of the world.

Dr Walker works full-time for Creation Ministries International (Australia) in Brisbane, where he is employed as a researcher, writer, and speaker. He has authored many articles in Creation magazine and the Journal of Creation. He travels widely speaking about the scientific credibility and Gospel relevance of the Genesis account of creation.

Tasman Walker

Researcher at Creation Ministries International, Brisbane, Australia