Genetics, Linguistics and History: A Creationist Perspective on the History of Humanity

“The Hidden History of the Human Race: A quiet revolution is brewing in science”. According to evolutionists, what needs to happen before creationist ideas are allowed into the scientific mainstream? It’s not the accumulation of overwhelming evidence against evolution. It’s also not an overwhelming amount of evidence supporting design. It’s something else. Recent research results have uncovered a robust, Y chromosome DNA-based family tree of humanity. This tree documents the precise movements and actions of people all through human history. This family tree also happens to depict a history that is only 4,500 years long. Together, these results meet the evolutionists’ obscure, but long-standing, demands and point toward a coming scientific revolution.

About the speaker

Nathaniel T. Jeanson received his B.S. in molecular biology and bioinformatics from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and his PhD in cell and developmental biology from Harvard University. He developed the biological research program at the Institute for Creation Research and is currently the research biologist at Answers in Genesis. His research has focused on the origin of multicellular species with a special emphasis on the origin of our own species. More recently, his research efforts have uncovered previously undocumented events in the prehistory of the Americas, of sub-Saharan Africa, and of the Far East and the Pacific. Jeanson has published numerous ground-breaking research papers in his field. He is also the author of Replacing Darwin: The New Origin of SpeciesReplacing Darwin Made Simple, and Traced: Human DNA’s Big Surprise.

Nathaniel Jeanson

Research biologist at Answers in Genesis, Petersburg, Kentucky, USA