Did God Create the Universe?

A full day seminar on Creationism February 25th

You are warmly welcome to participate in a full-day seminar with internationally renowned researchers who share their latest research results. Several of the lectures give scientific arguments that creationism is not only credible but that it has also strengthened its position in recent years.

You will learn more about creationism theory for the origin of the universe and interpretation of the fossil bedrock, where sedimentary layers were formed in connection with Noah’s Flood. In addition, completely new research in genetics is presented which shows that man’s unique origins from a first pair, the flood of sin and then the language confusion and the geographical spread to different continents, are in good agreement with other genetic and linguistic research.

All lectures are in English but have subtitles in Swedish. The day ends with a moderated conversation in which all speakers participate.

Watch the Seminar here.

More information about the speakers and lectures can be found here.

Note that the times in the program are approximate and may change slightly.


08.15 Welcome and introduction

08:25-09:15 Dr Anders Gerdmar: Theology – Why is a creationist Bible interpretation important?

09:20-10:00 Dr Ola Hössjer: Philosophy – Why is creationism science, and what characterizes good science?

10:05-10:50 Dr Russ Humphreys: Cosmology – A creationist perspective on the origin of the universe.

10:55-11:35 Dr Tasman Walker: Geology – A creationist perspective on the origin of the rocks.

11:40-12:35 Dr Andy McIntosh: The fingerprints of intelligence. Thermodynamics and information.

12:40-13:10 Lunch break

13:10-14:00 Dr Stuart Burgess: Evidence for intelligent design in animal joints.

14:05-14:55 Dr Jeffrey Tomkins: Genetics – A creationist perspective on the diversity of life, biblical kinds, and adaptation.

15:00-15:40 Dr Brian Thomas: Paleoanthropology – A creationist perspective on human origins.

15:45-16:20 Dr Robert Carter: Genetics – A creationist perspective on the origin of humanity.

16:25-17:05 Dr Nathaniel Jeanson: Genetics, linguistics and history – A creationist perspective on the history of humanity.

17:10-17:40 Dinner break

17:40-18:20 Dr Ingrid Faro: Theological reflections on the talks of the day.

18:40-19:40 Moderated discussion with all participants.