The Scandinavian School of Theology has not yet received status as a Seminary recognized by Swedish authorities. Unfortunately, this has implications for the visa application process, meaning we are not able to grant you admission based on a visa application to Sweden, but only a Non-Visa Internet Student Admission. We hope, of course, this will soon change, but for the time being this is what applies.

Hence, we recommend you to apply for Admission as a Special Student (Internet) and begin your online studies off Campus (which doesn’t require a visa), and/or register for our intensive one-week courses, as it is easier to receive a one-week visa than for a full academic year. Later on in your studies, we hope to be able to admit you with a visa invitation for one year on campus in Sweden.

If you are a former student of ours, or a one-year study-abroad student, please contact us.

Applicants from Africa

Due to the restricted policy of the Swedish Migration Department, we are very sorry to inform that we are unable to accept any applications for studies on campus from African students, unless they are current citizens of an EU/EEA country (i.e. EU, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein
and Switzerland) or have a permanent residence in an EU state (excluding Denmark, Great Britain and Ireland).

We deeply regret this, but the decision is made simply out of concern for any African applicant. Experience proves that less than one per cent of applicants are granted permission of entry by the Swedish authorities, and the application process is very expensive and time-consuming.

We hope that laws and regulations regarding this will change within the near future.

How to Apply for Visa to Sweden

A complete visa application to Sweden must contain:

  • Letter of admission to Scandinavian School of Theology and a personal study plan for one academic year (provided to you by us). These documents must be submitted along with your visa application.
  • Proof of financial support. In order to cover the cost of tuition and living expenses, Swedish Migration Board requires that you have a minimum of SEK 7 300 per month you plan to stay in Sweden. The total amount for the whole year (or shorter period, if this is what you apply for) must be available in your own account, or an account you have documented access to, at the time of your visa application.
  • Maximum one-year application. You can apply for a student visa for a maximum of one year, with dates corresponding to the dates indicated in your Letter of Admission. The Swedish Migration Board may also require that you clearly intend to return to your home country following your one-year stay in Sweden.

Allow enough time for processing

As Sweden receives a fairly large number of visa applications every year, make sure to allow plenty of time for the student visa process. The Swedish Migration Board aims to a make decision about residence permits for studies within three months from the arrival date of an application.

Please, visit the Swedish Migration Board website for more information.

As always, the sooner you apply for a visa the better. Your visa application may be declined if the school semester you have applied for has already commenced.