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Online Courses:

All courses beginning with 0xx, 2xx, 3xx and 4xx are undergraduate courses on the Bachelor level.
All courses beginning with 5xx, 6xx and 7xx are graduate courses on the Master level.

GBIB 551 Old Testament Synthesis (6p/3 credit hours)

A general introduction to the various books of the Old Testament, dealing with problems of canon, authorship, composition, date of writing, and providing some background in the geographical and archaeological setting in which the Bible events occurred.

GBIB 571 New Testament Synthesis (6p/3 credit hours)

A study of the historical materials in the New Testament together with an examination of questions such as authorship, sources, reliability, and canonicity. An overview of the New Testament book-by-book is included.

GBIB 500 Biblical Greek I (6p/3 credit hours)

The beginning course in the study of New Testament Greek, emphasizing grammar and basic vocabulary.

GBIB 501 Biblical Greek II (6p/3 credit hours)

A continuation of GBIB 500. An introduction to the structure and functions of clauses focusing upon the significance of grammatical forms and translation of portions of the Greek New Testament.

GBIB 611 Old Testament Theology (6p/3 credit hours)

A survey of the major doctrines of the Old Testament with special reference to their historical development within the political and religious institution of ancient Israel.

GTHE 658 Biblical Authority (6p/3 credit hours)

Analyzes the issue of the authority of the Bible in modern theology. The course provides a historical overview of the role of Holy Scripture in Christian theology and explores such concepts as inspiration, authority, infallibility, and inerrancy. Investigates related concerns such as canon, tradition, translation, hermeneutics, Biblical criticism, the witness of the Spirit, and proclamation as these impinge upon one’s view of the authority of the Scriptures.

TE 104 Theology, Culture and the History of Ideas (12p/6 credit hours)

A survey and synthesis of the history, literature, culture, and worldviews of different cultural eras, beginning with the Ancient Near East and Greco-Roman Classical cultures, continuing with Medieval Europe, the Renaissance, the Baroque and the Modern cultural periods. Gives attention to the major world civilizations whose ideas, values, and culture influenced Western experience.

GTHE 517 Seminar in Theological Research (6p/3 credit hours)

Designed to give students a working knowledge of the materials and methods used in theological research. Emphasizes philosophical analysis, theological bibliography, critical methods of reading and studying, research methodology, and thesis writing.

TE 100 Introduction to Theology (4p/2 credit hours)

Introduces the discipline of biblical, historical, systematic, and practical theology and provides a comprehensive overview of Christian doctrine, including the subjects of missions, pastoral care, ethics, and apologetics.

TE 102 Major Religions of the World (6p/3 credit hours)

A historical survey of the present living religions. Emphasis on major thought and ethics of various religions. Acquaints the student with the historical and contemporary beliefs and practices of the world’s major religious faiths other than Christianity.

GTHE 551 Systematic Theology I (6p/3 credit hours)

A study of the idea of theology, the existence and character of God, the doctrine of the Scriptures, creation, anthropology and the doctrine of sin.

GTHE 561 Systematic Theology II (6p/3 credit hours)

A study of Christology, the doctrine of salvation and the Holy Spirit, ecclesiology, and the last days. 
Prerequisite: GTHE 551..

GTHE 571 History of Christianity I: Early Church (6p/3 credit hours)

A study in the development of the Christian church from the Apostolic period to the Reformation. Examines the major historical movements and theological issues of the period, particularly the Christological controversies of the Early Church.

GTHE 581 History of Christianity: Reformation to Present (6p/3 credit hours)

A study designed to delineate and investigate the various lines of thought in the pre-Reformation, Reformation, and post-Reformation periods with a view to the subsequent revival movements. A focus on the Reformation, its causes, development, and consequences.

HIS 100 European History (6p/3 credit hours)

European History Survey: 500 to Present is a basic introductory course in
European history. The course includes an overview of the history of Europe
from the era of the Reformation to the 20th century. The course discusses the impact of the European Reformation on social, economic and political
developments in Europe and in the Atlantic world and the background and
creation of the state of Israel.

KM 201 History of Christianity in the North (6p/3 credit hours)

Kursen ger en översikt över de kristna kyrkornas historia i de nordiska länderna från kristnandet fram till 1900-talets slut. Fokus i det historiska studiet ligger på interaktionen mellan kyrka, samhälle och kultur i olika tidsperioder i Sverige, Norge, Danmark, Finland och Island.

PRM 660 Practical Theology for Charismatic Ministry (6p/3 credit hours)

All practices in church and ministry are building on theological principles, conscious or not conscious. This study concentrates on ecclesiology and on the theology behind the practices of the church.