Participate in courses for your own personal development!

It is possible to attend almost all the courses at undergraduate level (Bachelor/Diploma) even if you are not interested in studying for a whole degree. You may take courses up to a total of 75 points as a Non-Degree Seeking student.

You may choose to take the courses with an intention of later using them towards a Diploma or Bachelor’s degree, or you may choose to take courses as Audit.

Take Courses as Audit

As a Non-Degree Seeking student you may take courses as Audit. This means that you participate in lectures and have the opportunity of interacting with teachers and other students without being graded. Because you are not being graded, there is no need to take exams or write term papers. This is a perfect way to enrich your life and gain more knowledge in interesting topics without needing to study outside of the classroom!

How to Apply

There are no prerequisites for making application as a Non-Degree Seeking student. This means that, as a Non-Degree Seeking student you can apply without even having high school transcripts.

For more information, see Admissions.