Diploma Programs provide training for Christian ministry. Students are expected to grow both in knowledge of theology and in faith.

There are currently two Diploma programs available at Scandinavian School of Theology: Diploma in Theology and Diploma in Practical Theology.

Diploma in Theology

The content of the Old Testament, and also Biblical Hebrew.

Diploma in Practical Theology

A foundation in Bible, Church History, doctrine and practical theological subjects.

Target Group

Diploma programs are targeted at all Christians who want to go deeper into the Bible and better understand basic questions of theology. But they are especially intended for lay persons who participate actively in church work, for example as prayer group leaders and assistants, or youth leaders.

Length of Studies

The Diploma program consist of 1 year of full-time academic studies  at the Scandinavian School of Theology. It is also possible take a Diploma program on a part-time basis and extend the time of studies for a longer period.

Entrance Requirements

For more information, see Admissions.

Further Studies

Some or all of the courses taken for the diplomas can be credited against a Bachelor’s degree.

Internet studies

Most of the courses may be undertaken via the internet.