The Bachelor of Arts in Theology is a broad theological degree, which includes a strong foundation in the Bible, study of church history, and systematic theology. The Major concentration is Biblical Literature, leading the student into an in-depth examination of the contents of the New Testament or the Old Testament. Instruction in the Greek and/or the Hebrew language is also a component, as is exegesis of the Biblical text. The program includes a number of foundational courses, serving to provide a common bond of knowledge for all students in the areas of theology, Pentecostal-Charismatic history and spirituality, and the history of ideas and culture.

The degree includes:

  • Foundations of Theology (60p/30 Credit Hours)
  • Biblical Literature Major (90p/45 Credit Hours)
  • Church and Missions Studies (30p/15 Credit Hours)

Courses: (total of 180 points/90 Credit Hours)

Foundations of Theology (60p/30 Credit Hours)

TE 100 Introduction to Theology 5p/2 cr
TE 101 Theology, Culture and the History of Ideas 12,5p/6 cr
TE 102 Major Religions of the World  7,5p/4 cr
TE 130 Introduction to the New Testament 7,5p/4 cr
TE 131 Introduction to the Old Testament 7,5p/4 cr
TE 140 Systematic Theology and Ethics 12,5p/6 cr
TE 150 Pentecostalism – history, spirituality, geographical expansion 7,5p/4 cr

Biblical Literature New Testament Major or Old Testament Major (90p/45 Credit Hours)

BV 200 Hermeneutics: Principles of Biblical Interpretation 15p/7,5 cr
BVNT 200 
Biblical Greek I 15p/7,5 cr
BVNT 201 Biblical Greek II
 15p/7,5 cr
BVNT 305 New Testament Theology 7,5p/4 cr
BVNT Elective courses in the New Testament 7,5p/4 cr
BVNT 351 Senior Paper New Testament 15p/7,5 cr
BVGT 200 Biblical Hebrew 15p/7,5 cr
BVGT 201 Old Testament Exegesis 7,5p/ 4 cr
BVGT 300 Old Testament Theology 7,5p/4 cr
BVGT Elective courses in Old Testament 7,5p/4cr
BVGT 351 Senior Paper Old Testament 15p/7,5 cr

Church and Missions Studies (30p/15 Credit Hours)

KM 200 The Church from Jesus to Present 15p/7,5 cr
KM 201 History of the Church in the Nordic Countries 7,5p/4 cr
KM 300 World Christianity 7,5p/4 cr
KM 301 Introduction to Practical Theology 7,5p/ 4 cr
Km 310 History and Theology of Mission 7,5p/4 cr












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Target Group

The program is targeted towards anyone wanting to acquire a professional knowledge of theology in general and the New Testament in particular. This would include people preparing for church ministry, missionary work, teaching and also for work in the media.

Length of Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Theology consists of 180p/90 credits and can normally be earned in 3 years. However, some students pursue the program on a part-time basis and extend their studies over a longer period of time.


Entrance Requirements

In order to enter a Bachelor of Arts program the student must present a transcript from a high school or equivalent. For more information, see Admissions.

Further Studies

Bachelor of Arts in New Testament lays the foundation for further professional or academic studies, such as Master’s degrees.

Internet studies

The whole program be undertaken via the internet.