Our vision is to build an interdenominational theological university college that is open to the whole body of Christ, founded on the Bible as the Word of God as well as classical Christian faith, with academic excellence, open to the work of the Holy Spirit, for the purpose of educating a new generation of leaders to enable them to build strong churches and to have a clear Christian voice in today’s culture and society.


Founded on the Word of God

There is no revival without faith in the Bible as the living Word of God! This is the record of Church History, and key to future revival. The preaching and teaching of the authoritative Word of God are God’s tools to bring people closer to God, to awaken faith, and to build up the global church in Christ. The Word of God is also God’s tool to transform societies and cultures alike.

If the confidence in the Word of God is weakened or abandoned, preaching loses its power. Therefore, faith in the Bible is foundational for the training of a new generation of Christian leaders: leaders who are grounded in the Word of God, both in their personal lives and in their ministries.

Revival, Reformation and Charismatic Life

To turn the tide of secularism in Europe, a new generation of preachers and spiritual leaders is the key. Leaders who know their God and who can lead churches into revival and life in the Spirit.

Sweden and Europe need a reformation where the foundations once established in these old Christian nations are rebuilt. However, when God and Christianity are absent, fundamental values like absolute human dignity are also threatened. One example is that euthanasia has been legally extended to children in one European nation, and in several European countries, every child with Downs Syndrome is threatened with abortion. These nations need sharp and qualified Christian voices in media and politics, who can stand for Christian values in an ever harder society.


Theological Knowledge and Charismatic Life Hand in Hand

The greatest thinkers in Church History were also spiritual and charismatic leaders: Paul, Peter, Church fathers like Justin and Irenaeus, and Reformers and revivalists like Luther and Wesley. At the same time, in our current ‘knowledge-based society’, Christian leaders must be well educated, articulate, skilled in counselling, and also adept at communicating in our media driven world.

Therefore, the Scandinavian School of Theology combines spirituality and scholarship, prayer and practice, brain, heart and hands. A broad training in theology, practical service, and charismatic life is the best guarantee for a balanced and strong new generation of Christian leaders.